Mission of the Tri-County Regional Hispanic Chamber

To serve as the bridge for the Hispanic and Non-Hispanic business community by facilitating business, social, educational and governmental relationship building events, mixers, workshops and meetings to advocate and promote economic growth.

Vision of the TCRHCC

The Tri-County Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (TCRHCC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan organization for the purpose of promoting, advocating, and facilitating the economic advancement of its members. The organization coverage includes three counties (Collin, Dallas and Denton) at this time and the TCRHCC will emphasize the need to represent the Hispanic business community of neighboring cities and its trade areas.

We strive to promote the development of the Hispanic community by assisting in the development of Hispanic-owned businesses and markets and serving as the central information resource for the general business community regarding Hispanic trends in the counties. The TCRHCC is a network of Hispanic business associations and firms that are committed to expanding business opportunities, encouraging mutually beneficial ties with the public and private sectors, serving as an active and visible advocate in the Hispanic business arena, and promoting trade between the Hispanic- American business community and our Latin American counterparts.

The TCRHCC Chamber is the most effective way to interact with the growing Hispanic community. Membership is open to any person or organization having an interest in promoting the objectives of the Chamber.

TCRHCC Mission will be accomplished by the following:

** TECHNOLOGY- Supplying affordable web online marketing tools and a centralized web location to help drive business opportunities for our members and sponsors in the local area as well as the neighboring cities.

** TRAINING - Organizing English and Spanish business seminars and workshops focused on capital access, marketing, sales, innovation, human resources, customer service, IT and compliance.

** NETWORKING - Building a network of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals by organizing monthly meetings, social events, expo, and other business community events.

** ALLIANCES & PARTNERSHIPS - Establishing strategic alliances with business associations, corporations, non-profit organizations and the public sector.

** ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- Establishing a measureable growth of economic development for our members with available procurement opportunities at city, county, state, educational and federal agencies as well Business-to-Business commercial business.

** EDUCATION – A) Education is key for the development of our future workforce therefore chambers will offer supportive educational assistance programs that are beneficial and helpful to the local school districts. B) “VOTING” is an important part of economic development, therefore TRHCC chambers will offer educational and awareness workshops on the benefits of “VOTING” for the member, their families and their employees.



Originally, the TCRHCC began in the local three county area.  Due to demand and response that we have had to the success of our methods, we have expanded to five local counties, Latin America and Europe!

The Board of Directors that run this organization is comprised of 9 individuals that focus on our core areas to build strong branch chambers.  To date, we have 19 branch chambers located in the counties of Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall and Tarrant, 11 Latin American branches and 1 European.

Our core areas of helping our business community encompasses building a strong base of business members that help cycle money within each of their chapter chambers to help build economic growth for the community locally and abroad.

The Tri-County Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization with 501(c)6 status.